💦 Spitballin'

Per page ideas

  • favicon
  • title
  • URL
  • navbar text
  • load next/last post

11ty could help keep data across pages easily accessible.

  • next/last blog
  • next/last nav-layout
  • Socials
  • Tags
  • RSS
  • sitemap
  • Adding IDs for tags!

More obvious 11ty rationale

  • making the CSS for each post modular (namespaced)
  • 11ty could also help me convert these posts from messy >pre< tag nonsense into proper html.
  • Building THE actual pages for each post. In theory this site should flow organically, That doesn't negate the need for good links though!


  • I should host all the assets.
  • I should JIT the tailwindcss
  • Perhaps I should load Adios at the top of the page?

ERA Ideas

  • Check through my codepens, see if there's anything cool
  • Container Queries would be fun to test
  • I think it'd be interesting to try using grid and span