📌 Bookmarklets!

Did you know you can run javascript with a URL?

In place of a http: or https:, you can prefix a URL with javascript: and it will evaluate the following text as JS. You'll still need to URL encode the Text, but it does provide a handy way to use JS.

Bookmarklets are a term for Bookmarks, which trigger some Javascript instead of loading a webpage.

Some bookmarklets I use.

Drag the Link into your bookmarks bar to use it yourself!

  • New Window Props

    This bookmarklet checks where your current window properties differ with the Initial window object.

    Handy for checking what global objects are declared when adding a js script

    New Window Props
  • Picture in Picture Mode

    Firefox has a PIP Button overlayed on videos. Chrome does not.

    Handy for triggering PIP mode on any webpage with a video.