✍️ Ipads

I recently got an ipad and I like it quite a bit. It's fun doodling, or reading blog posts, and it's gotten me interested in building a proper blog, rss feed and the works. I don't think it needs to be anything incredible, but something simple and automatic would be great. Leaving shortform notes, or whatever would be fun. I've really been enjoying the super casual feed Chris Coyier has. It's lowkey, quick reads, and generally interesting.

The Ideal Stack

11ty, some CMS-esque thing, easy publishing, near automatic releases. It's hard to that CMS-esque thing. I've tinkered with quite a few options, and none of them were great. However, a coworker recommended logseq and although the logo is pretty dull, it looks incredibly powerful and simple.

The scariest part about it is all the graph stuff, and my excitement to really go deep on that. It seems so cool, and really opens up a blog to be less structured in a "narrative", since the stitching between notes is so simple and automatic. Reminds me of Project Xandu by Ted Nelson and the original promise of Hypertext. I want to tinker with logseq, I want to tinker with enhance.dev, @zachleat seems to be teasing 11ty 3.0. It's all so exciting and simple. All of it seems like a time sink if I'm not careful.