❤️‍🩹 Why leave a good thing behind?

I've been cheating on my beloved website. This very one. I've gone and built another, only to realize that I already had everything I wanted.

What I Missed

Good Bones

I have a good file structure. It's flexible in all the right places. I feel like adding new content is a breeze.

Built right

My build setup here is SO perfect. It's very minimal. Tailwind handles the CSS, 11ty handles the HTML. I might bring in esBuild to handle the JS.

None of these portions are overstepping their bounds. In my new setup, I tried to combine all of these, and it's a nightmare!

This site is basically sensible defaults that are easy to opt-out of. It's perfect.

Why I left

I wanted to tinker with different styles! I wanted to opt out of my CSS, explore DaisyUI. That's basically it.

However, while I was tinkering with ways to reduce my pages into components, I found a couple patterns I'm really digging.

So I've looted the new site of the gems it contained, and brought them back here.

I've created multiple tailwind configs, and am keeping them at a public URL.

I've building the CSS I need, when I need it.

I've reshaped a couple things on this site, but kept lofi spirit.

🗺 Road map

  1. Improve 404
  2. Improve chat
  3. Improve page organization
  4. Figure out x-html/11ty plugin
  5. Improve sidebar
  6. Expose games, books, and experiments
  7. Write docs and host my OSS stuff
  8. Rework the posts/post pages
  9. Improve head tag garbage
  10. Probably remove daisy-UI themes, (maybe keep interactive parts)
  11. Expose more tailwind vars (SystemColors, Interactive Colors, CurrentBackground, Dynamic Spacing, etc)