⛓ Daisy Chained

I love the idea of DaisyUI, but each time I try it it feels so limiting.

The rediscovery of DaisyUI inspired me to redesign my website, but as I went through the redesign, I found more and more areas that DaisyUI didn't quite live up to my hopes.



First, the documentation, of the utilities is basically non-existent. It's really hard to discover what DaisyUI exposes, and how those utilities should interplay. You need to reverse engineer components to understand what utilities exist and how they work.


These components are pretty opinionated on html structure, which is fine, I guess, but I tend to build non-interactive components myself to get them exactly how I want them. With interactive components, I'm VERY tempted to generalize the behavior. I think with the new :has() selector, making interactive components will be much more forgiving, and less-hacky. Things like the Toggle in Daisy UI are SO COOL! But I find myself only wanting a small portion of the library, and I don't think that's how DaisyUI really works. (Or at least it's not purging locally.)


They're cool, but largely impractical. Idk, I find one I like, and I stick to it.


I think I'll be stripping it from my site soon. I need to rename some classes, redefine some components, set up some interactive CSS. But I think it'll be worth it. DaisyUI is a little too clunky for my liking, it's close to greatness, but not quite there yet.