🗂 Why is file handing so tricky in node?

I've been working with node and 11ty, and 11ty has been pretty nice. It abstracts away a lot of the pain-points that node.js brings to the file system. But I can't help but feel that node needs a jQuery-like API for handling files.

.forEach((file) => file.content(file.html())
.save("dist/" + file.relativeSlug + ".html"))

I mean, how nice would that be? I don't use much jQuery these days, but I think that it has a solid API, especially when working with collections. Blobs seem like the css selectors of the filesystem domain.

Most files will have text. It seems like a pandoc powered plugin to normalize a ASTs could make unifying different text documents or converting formats trivial. I don't know why this doesn't exist yet. The filesystem seems like the ultimate place for a jQuery like api.

I might explore this more, see what it would take to make a prototype, but if I don't I'd still love for this idea to exist in some capacity somewhere. I know I'd use the hell out of it.